Monthly Archives: October 2011

Archived code moving to GitHub

I’ve decided that, along with continuing to offer all of my old content on an archive subdomain, I’m going to move all of my old code and downloads (.zip files, .as files, etc) to GitHub.

The first archived entry that I’ve done for this is my October 2006 post on Converting Generic Objects to Class Instances.  The .zip file is no longer available on my site.  Instead, the source code has been pushed to and a .zip file can be downloaded directly from GitHub.

I have not yet had a chance to create GitHub repositories for all of the content in my archives.  However, I feel this is the right thing to do moving forward.

Again I encourage you to let me know if there is a download missing on my archive site that you’d like to have access to.  As more people identify code that they’re trying to use but can no longer find due to broken links, I will create more repositories on GitHub to house the code.

I’m holding off on blindly moving everything over because some code is too old to be useful.  Other smaller, snippet-like code will probably be created via GitHub Gists rather than full-fledged repositories.

I originally created my weblog as a way to share content, code, and ideas.  A lot has changed since my first few posts.  Now that sites like GitHub exist it only makes sense to leverage a social coding hub to host open source code.  By pushing content to GitHub, others can easily and freely fork, fix bugs, add features, and submit pull requests.  It’s no longer a one-way-street or isolated environment.  The move to GitHub will allow many of my readers to share, and get credit for, the additions that they’ve built on top of ideas that I’ve originally shared over the years.

Three cheers for social coding!