Monthly Archives: September 2011

Archives now available

I’ve decided that the best way to preserve all of my old content was to create an archive subdomain, upload the backup files from my old site to the subdomain, and use .htaccess and mod_rewrite to 301 redirect old weblog requests to their new archive location.

The old content has been uploaded, the subdomain is up and running, and all of the old incoming links to my old weblog should now be redirecting to their new home.  Please be advised that some functions on the archive site do not work anymore (searching, commenting, etc.).  However, if you’re still having troubling getting to any of my old content let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

In the meantime, here are links to some of my more popular (and now archived) entries:

Now that my old content lives on and incoming links have been preserved, I think it’s time I finally start writing about all of the new things I’ve been learning, working on, and involved with.


Pardon the dust

I started a weblog in the summer of 2003.  The year is now 2011.  A lot has changed since then.

One thing that hasn’t changed during that time was my hosting provider and my weblog software.  To make a long story short, after becoming frustrated with both I’ve decided to drop my ColdFusion plan and MovableType installation in favor of WordPress.

Unfortunately this move has resulted in a lot of dead links to content that no longer exists on my domain.  I’ve made a local backup of everything, and if you’ve come here looking for something in particular you can still find all of my old content online via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for

I’m still somewhat undecided as to the best way to preserve 8 years of Internet history from my old weblog.  Not everything I wrote in the past has relevance today but there are still some good articles that are worth saving.  Plus, it’s all Internet history.  I feel that it’s important to keep it around if I can… especially the entries that people may still find useful even today.

I’m expecting that I’ll bring my previous content back online through an subdomain with a URL Rewriter to ensure all of the old links still work.  For now, if you’re searching for something and you can’t find it on the Wayback Machine, please let me know and I’ll try to get a link for you.  My archived content should be available shortly.